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豊水 ho-sui

Kokeshi doll

Kokeshi doll

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Lacquer kokeshi is a fusion of traditional Japanese kokeshi toys and lacquerware.
Noble dignity of lacquerware and elaborate maki-e technique.
It is a kokeshi that you can feel Japanese traditional crafts.

Production area: Kumamoto

Miaki 0029 Yasuragi 0028: Height 18 cm x Width 11 cm
Oborozuki 0030: Height 17cm x Width 11cm
Irodori 0031: Height 16,5 cm x 8 cm
Kantsubaki 0032: Height 31,5cm x 10,5cm
Aiko 0033: Height 24cm x 7,5cm
Good day 0034, late autumn 0038: height 24 cm x width 11,5 cm
Flight 0035: Height 17cm x 8cm
Kazahana 0036: Height 20cm x 5,5cm
Spring Poetry 0037: Height 14cm x 8,5cm
Teruyama 0039: Height 13,5cm x 7,5cm
Momoyama 0040: Height 13cm x 7cm
Flower robe 0041, Flower robe 0042, Flower robe 0043: Height 17,5 cm x 9,5 cm
Hana no Michi 0044: Height 20,5cm x 9cm
Shiki no Uta 0045: Height 1 piece 9cm x 7cm
Yosooi 024-027: Height 21cm x 9,5cm

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