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豊水 ho-sui

chest of drawers

chest of drawers

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Hanatebako has a long history, long ago in Juei, when the Heike clan was defeated in the Battle of Dannoura in Ichinotani and sought residence in the mountains. It is said that he settled down.

However, the yearning for the performing arts, which had been nurtured for many years without any way to console the dream of eternal glory in the bygone capital, awakened, and it is an excellent piece that is loved by modern people, such as Kijiuma, Hanatebako, battledore, etc. It became a work of art and is passed down to the present day.

Production area: Kumamoto


(Large) Length 5050mm Width 3480mm Depth 2540mm
(Small) Length 3120mm Width 2570mm Depth 2050mm

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